AMS Build buys out Lincolnshire Block Pavers

The time has come for the Don (Dony Sullivan) to fully hand over the reigns of Lincolnshire Block Pavers (LBP) to his son’s Andrew and Michael, the owners of AMS Build.

Dony first set up LBP in 1979 with his brother Timothy and was one of the first block paving businesses in the area, employing numerous men over the years and working for companies like Linpave, UCS, T Balfes, Lindums and many more over the years.

After hitting difficulties initially, the brothers decided to go their separate ways, resulting in Dony running the company on his own. From there he built the company up to be known across the country as a company that could meet deadlines with the required quality. Resulting in work across the country including multiple town centres (e.g. Cornhill, Lincoln), Retail Parks (e.g. Meadowhall, Sheffield), docks, universities, and housing estates.

With the growth of the company Dony started needing a team behind him which led to the introduction of Rose Travis (Accounts), Andrew (Site Supervisor) and Michael (Contracts Manager), which accelerated the growth of the company to where it is today.  The company went limited in 2003. This inspired people that worked for Dony to set up their own businesses resulting in most of the block paving firms you now see in Lincoln today.

Off the back of the LBP, Dony was able to set up an independent Plant hire firm LBP Plant Hire, which now has over 80 items of plant ranging from excavators, telehandlers, dumpers and rollers. His sons were also able to set up AMS Build behind the scenes which would eventually grow big enough to fund the buyout of Lincolnshire Block Pavers and let Dony retire.

Although we call it retire, everyone knows that Dony will never sit back and you will still be able to see him floating around the office and occasionally on site to make sure his beloved company is still performing.

So, from all the team at AMS Build and Lincolnshire Block Pavers we wish Dony all the best in his so called retirement.

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