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control your concrete and only pay for what you use

Concrete and Screed Solutions

Through our state of the art volumetric lorries, we can deliver concrete or screed straight to your project. And if you are struggling for access we can also offer an in-line pump service to move the concrete to the desired location. We strive to provide affordable concrete services in Lincolnshire.

We can deliver any amount of concrete from less than a cube to 8 cube per wagon at anytime of the day if requested

The benefits of using volumetric wagon are you only pay for what you use so no part load charges or waste that you need to dispose of. You can control what ever mix you need as the concrete is batched there with all the different mix designs stored in the computer.

Concrete Services in Lincolnshire

Liquid Screed

AMS Build Ltd are now providing a cement based liquid screed with Cemfloor/Mobicem, the Industry leaders in cement based liquid screed market. Screeds are applied over the flooring surface to provide a smooth, level, and flat surface. The finishing products such as tiles and carpeting are applied to the screeded area.  

Cemfloor Offers a Number Of Benefits For The User Over Alternative Liquid Screed – Thinner sections compared to traditional screeds, Minimal Drying Shrinkage, Larger floor area without joints (up to 150m2) Foot traffic after 24 –48 hours. AMS Build provide an all in 1 service – Supply, Pump and Lay from a volumetric truck so no mess and you only pay for what you use! 

Line Pump

We can also provide a line pump which is used to pump the concrete into areas of restricted access that the chutes from the wagons cannot reach.

The truck carries as standard an assortment of straight and flexible pipes and bends to tackle any obstacle up to 50 meters long, but if you need over this distance then we can also provide extra pipes on request on one of our trailers, this would need confirming at time of booking.

Grab Wagon

On our grab wagon we can deliver materials or take muck away. Our 8 wheeler grab wagon has a payload of 15 tonnes so it works out cheaper than getting a skip to take away soil or inert materials.

With using a grab, as long as the material is accessible, the driver can load themselves talking away extra labour.

Lego Blocks

With our lego block moulds we are able to produce interlocking concrete blocks in a variety of different forms from normal blocks to stair units.

They are a great deterrent to stop thieves or trespassers or build bays for storing materials such as aggregates or agricultural products.

The blocks come with a lifting anchor or fork holes can be provided for ease of movement with a forklift.


At AMS Build we can supply and deliver most types of aggregates from clean to crush and run stone, sand, topsoil and even recycled materials

We can deliver either loose or bagged material on our grab wagon.

control your concrete and only pay for what you use